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Hi, Joe. I read your book and I want to congratulate you. It's a great story that you have told with the same creativity with which you live your life - always interesting, and always surprises. So I sincerely thank you for a darn good read.

Don - Flight Instructor

I read your book. I thought it was damn good. It kept my attention and I had no trouble picking it up again once I had put it down. Your flying experience surely was a big part of it and that’s probably what makes it real. Anyway I quite enjoyed it and would recommend it. Good for you and good luck with it.

Mel - BC

I can typically read a book in two or three days (if it's riveting) and finished yours in record time. Very interesting characters and well thought out plot. I seriously had trouble putting it down and stayed up until 1:00 a.m. to complete it.

Judy - Regina

What an amazing book... Loved the intensity, it was definitely a page turner, I couldn't put it down...Great Job Joe!!!!

Tanya - Winnipeg

I finished the book it was great congrats Joe it should be a great success hope you sell a million copies. When is the movie?

Christopher - Winnipeg

Read it, LOVED it! And this is NOT my normal genre, so that says a lot! It leaves you with thoughts of it afterwards, too....I really enjoyed it, Joe! Awesome book!

Fiona - Winnipeg

A great read IMHO. Yes, a little bit much on flight detail for the non-aviation people I think but gee I enjoyed it very much. One of those cannot put it down thrillers! Congrats to Joe. I recommend you guys read it. Good stuff.

Bernie - Australia

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