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Private pilot William Maddock and his family are en route to England from Canada for a much-needed vacation when their 747 is hijacked by radicals. But the would-be martyrs don’t count on the determination of the passengers, who refuse to go quietly. Instead they will go down in history, willing to fight to the last breath to save their lives.

On the ground are the survivors of the devastating land attacks, brave men and women who have defied death and are fighting to preserve what is left of their once-great nations. Locked in a battle for freedom, giving in is not an option. Will man prevail? Or will evil gain the final victory?

After 9/11 we often heard the expression
“It’s not if we are attacked again, it’s when.”

In the wake of 9/11, we know it is not if America is attacked, it is when. This is a story about the events of that day in the not-too-distant future…

Just when America thinks the war on terror is under control, evil rears its ugly head in a vicious attack on the western superpower and its allies. This time the strike is on a far more massive scale than that of 9/11, as cities and airports across North America come under simultaneous attack. From New York to Toronto, Houston to Winnipeg, Denver to Los Angeles, the terrorists target urban infrastructure—gas, water, and electric supplies—and destroy radio and television stations, aiming to unleash mass panic and uncertainty. And all the while death soars through the skies above…

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